Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Secret is Out: Utility Bills

Issue 4: Check Those Utility Bills
Many are not aware of this tax. Then again why should you since it’s only supposed to be charged to businesses that consume above a certain level. 

Climate Change Levy or CCL is a tax on the electricity and gas that you consume. The cheeky thing about CCL is that VAT is charged on it as well. Yep, that’s right you pay tax on the tax. I have no idea how the government got away with that one.

I suggest that you check your utility bills to ensure that you are charged correctly. If your average daily electricity consumption is 33kwh or less then no CCL should be charged on your business bill.  Likewise, if the daily average gas consumption is 145kwh or less no CCL should be charged.

Private Residence
For households, no matter what your consumption level, CCL should never ever be charged on your bill. 

I have seen where businesses and residences are charged incorrectly so check your bills. You can go back years to demand a refund 

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